Website for HIV People to Marry

Nisha’s world was rocked when she learnt that she had contracted HIV and further test results confirmed that she had contracted it from her husband although she got the blame for it and was chucked out by her husband.

After this her husband divorced her and she lost her will to live.

She said: ”I wanted to kill my son and myself, Read more »

Drug Given License for children who suffer with Arthritis

Children in the UK who suffer from Juvenile arthritis can now take a new drug that could help them live normal lives.

The drug Tocilizumab is a specific drug for juvenile arthritis and has shown that it can improve symptoms by 70% in two-thirds of cases.

The condition which affects more than 1,000 children in the UK prevents them from doing simple activities including playing with friends which can be really damaging to their child hood. Read more »

What Hospitals may look like in the Future


In the UK the current condition of Hospitals is quite good although it does have its problems like any other institution but considering how good it is now we want to know how hospitals may look in the future of say 10-20 years.

The Introduction of Interactive Kiosks is something that we have already seen implemented into hospitals with the most popular being a map of the hospital to help people find their way around.  Read more »

New Method of Scanning cuts Radiation Risk

According to doctors in London a new method for scanning children’s livers for tumours could prevent them from any unnecessary exposure to radiation.

Children are more vulnerable to radiation and because of this they can increase the chances of developing cancer later in life if they are exposed to radiation from the current method.

A team at King’s college hospital are trailing a new method that turns organs into a field of gold to find tumours.

Prof Paul Sidhu, a consultant radiologist at King’s College Hospital, said: ”We are trying to stop children having unnecessary radiation as the long-term effects show a substantial increase in cancer,”

The team are testing an upgraded version of ultra sound that involves injecting a harmless chemical into the arm which forms temporary microscopic bubbles in the blood stream which make it easier to see any abnormalities in the ultra scan more clearly.

Prof Sidhu said: “It makes the arteries light up and then the veins and the whole liver. It looks like a field of gold.

“It looks like a black hole. It’s so clear it is like day and night,

“This is an exciting breakthrough, but it now needs multicentre trials probably involving up to a couple of thousand patients [to prove it works]“.

Scientist say Cure for Hangover is Near

Scientist who are exploring the effects alcohol have on the brain have said that the possibility of have a great night filled with plenty of drinks can be accompanied with no hangover the next day is a very close reality.

David Nutt a professor of neuropsychopharmacology identified five compounds that are effective alcohol surrogates that mimic the effects of booze on the brain. Read more »

NHS Turns to Spain and Portugual to Make up for Nurse Shortage

A shortage in British Trained Nurses is forcing the NHS to look for staff overseas because they are struggling with current amount.

At least 40 hospital trusts in England confirmed that they recruited staff from overseas in the last 12 months and a further 41 trusts said that they would be looking to recruit overseas in the coming 12 month.

Reports confirmed that the majority of nurses came from Portugal and Spain with almost 1,000 out of the 1,360 coming from these to countries.

Dr Peter Carter, chief executive and general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, said: “This is symptomatic of the short-term, boom-and-bust workforce planning which is endemic in the NHS.

“It is frankly perplexing that on the one hand nursing posts are being cut and training places being reduced, while on the other, desperate managers are raiding overseas workforces.”

Maria Bentley, who oversees recruitment, said: “We are definitely in the midst of a nursing shortage. It has become more acute over the last year but it’s been going in a general direction over the last couple of years. In the last six months we are just not getting applicants.”


Man aged 30 dies at Warehouse Nightclub After Taking Ecstacy

Nick Bonnie aged 30 collapsed at the warehouse project in greater Manchester early on Saturday. It is thought that he took ecstasy which caused his death.

The police are now investigating to find out if it was a bad batch of ecstasy that caused his death.

His devastated family want this to be a lesson to all that consider taking ecstasy and want to raise awareness of the dangers.

In a statement his parents Pauline and Andy said: “Nick Bonnie lost his life tragically, senselessly and needlessly in a nightclub in Manchester on a ‘lads’ weekend. This has devastated the lives of [his family and friends].

“Everyone who knew Nick was aware he loved life, lived it to the max and in making one stupid mistake he has cost himself his life.

“We hope that after reading this, we may have gone some way in helping anyone/everyone in the realisation that drinking and use of any illicit drugs are a killer with consequences that will devastate lives for ever.”

Police have confirmed that a number of people have received treatment after taking drugs at the venue.



Women who work Long Term Night Shifts Increase Risk of Breast Cancer

According to researchers women who work night shifts for 30 or more years are twice as likely to develop breast cancer.

The study looked at 1134 women with breast cancer and 1179 without and they looked at each women’s job history and focussed on shift patterns along with hospital reports.

Around one in three women of both groups had worked night shifts and no evidence was found for women who worked night shifts between 15 and 29 years to link them to breast cancer.

But the study found that women who worked for 30 years or more on the night shift were twice as likely to increase the risk of breast cancer but the number of women this is was relatively small and the study would have to be done on a bigger scale to ensure the results are reliable.

The First Baby Born Using the Safer IVF Treatment

A healthy baby who is now nearly 8 years old has become the world’s first IVF baby that was created using the safer method.

UK doctors at Hammersmith Hospital now hope that this news can help recognise the importance of this method and how it is much safer for people to opt for this treatment  and avoid the rare but fatal complication with using the conventional IVF treatment.

The problem with the conventional IVF treatment is that one in 100 women who undergo the IVF treatment will develop a medical condition called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome which causes the women to produce an overload of eggs when only a few eggs are desired. Also the syndrome will develop mild symptoms with some actually becoming very ill and dying.

But now experts have found a way to prevent this from happening by making the IVF treatment safer by using kisspeptin.

By using the kisspeptin it will allow the women to release the egg in a more natural way.

Now a family have been blessed with the new treatment proving that it is just as effective and safer.

Dre Geoffrey Trew who runs an IVF clinic at Hammersmith hospital said: “We’re absolutely thrilled that this study has resulted in the birth of a healthy baby boy.

“Each year, thousands of couples in the UK start families using IVF treatment and if we can work towards eliminating the risk of OHSS, using the naturally occurring hormone kisspeptin, we can hopefully help even more women and make the treatment potentially safer.”


Do you Embrace Wrinkles or do you get rid?

Many people who reach the age of 40 soon fear wrinkles especially women and begin conscious that they are beginning to age and they are that same young person they once was.

Women are very conscious of their wrinkles and would generally not want to have them but some think that wrinkles on people show how hard they have work and there is an instant respect from younger people to those who have wrinkles as they immediately see that this person has been around longer than I have and probably knows a lot more than me.

But those who can’t stand their wrinkles will opt for a procedure known as skin tightening with laser which works by smoothing out the wrinkles to make them less visible as possible and the procedure also improves facial skin topography and will give the client a more youthful appearance. The procedure will take around 6 treatments until the client gets the desired effect.

Those who opt for the procedure will not be wasting their time and money as it has proved to be effective but the wrinkles will come back eventually but until then you can enjoy your youthful appearance but don’t forget wrinkles show your wisdom and maturity.

For those that do not like to go for a surgical process like this one there are alternative such as non-surgical skin tightening which can be just as beneficial as the surgical option.